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There are 3 varieties of Pitbull canine variations, for typically the first type, specifically the American Pitbull Terrier which has a well-proportioned and stocky human body with a body weight that can reach of sixteen to 25 kilos, besides that that has shorter nevertheless smoother fur.

For the second type, namely the American Stanfordshire Terrier which in turn can weigh 28 to 40 kilograms with a a bit more sexy body form and has some sort of shorter body when compared to the first and provides a slightly longer in addition to thicker coat any time compared to the first breed. pitbull breeders .

As well as the final is the sort of Stanfordhire Bull Terrier which weighs 11 to 15. 5 kilograms. This Stanfordshire bull terrier provides a body of which is almost typically the same as both previous types but has a a little bit larger head. That also has quicker and finer locks

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